Welcome to Cafe Taxim,


Our Gyros (Döner) is more than a meal, it’s a fusion of cultures and ideals stuffed into grilled flat bread and made to your individual tastes.Cafe Taxim offers the best known foods of Istabul Street Food, prepared carefully, skillfully, and delectably just for you.

Cafe Taxim welcomes you with different foods found all over Istanbul. In fact, with its unchallengeable and wonderful tastes, Cafe Taxim becomes the meeting place of all the continents. Every dish at Cafe Taxim is cooked with refinement for the most delicious taste. Moreover, our own ingredients are not secret, so you know whatever you choose from Cafe Taxim, will be good for you. Cafe Taxim's comfortable atmosphere is completely compatible with the lifestyle in the heart of Palo Alto. You can be certain to find something special to your taste.